p150 CAF1 Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555

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Namep150 CAF1 Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555
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Long namep150 CAF1 Polyclonal Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555 Conjugated
Also known asAnti-p150 CAF1 PAb ALEXA FLUOR 555
CategoryConjugated Primary Antibodies
Conjugated withALEXA FLUOR® 555
Host OrganismRabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Target Antigenp150 CAF1
SpecificityThis is a highly specific antibody against p150 CAF1.
Modification SiteNone
ClonePolyclonal antibody
Concentration1ug per 1ul
SourceThis antibody was obtained by immunization of the host with KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human p150 CAF1
Gene ID Number10036
Tested applicationsIF(IHC-P)
Recommended dilutionsIF(IHC-P)(1:50-200)
CrossreactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
Cross-reactive species detailsDue to limited amount of testing and knowledge, not every possible cross-reactivity is known.
Background of the antigenCore component of the CAF-1 complex, a complex thought to mediate chromatin assembly in DNA replication and DNA repair. Assembles histone octamers onto replicating DNA in vitro. CAF-1 performs the first step of the nucleosome assembly process, bringing newly synthesized histones H3 and H4 to replicating DNA; histones H2A/H2B can bind to this chromatin precursor subsequent to DNA replication to complete the histone octamer. CHAF1A binds to histones H3 and H4. It may play a role in heterochromatin maintenance in proliferating cells by bringing newly synthesized cbx proteins to heterochromatic DNA replication foci (By similarity). The CCR4-NOT complex functions as general transcription regulation complex. Also involved in vitamin D-coupled transcription regulation via its association with the WINAC complex, a chromatin-remodeling complex recruited by vitamin D receptor (VDR), which is required for the ligand-bound VDR-mediated transrepression of the CYP27B1 gene.
PurificationPurified by Protein A.
Storage conditionsStore this antibody in aqueous buffered solution containing 1% BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide. Keep refrigerated at 2 to 8 degrees Celcius for up to one year.
Excitation emission553nm/568nm
SynonymsCAF-1 p150; CAF 1 150 kDa subunit; CAF 1; CAF 1 subunit A; CAF; CAF I 150 kDa subunit; CAF I p150; CAF Ip150; CAF-1 subunit A; CAF-I 150 kDa subunit; CAF-I p150; CAF1 150 kDa subunit; CAF1; CAF1 p150 Subunit; CAF1 subunit A; CAF1A; CAF1A; CAF1A_HUMAN; CAF1B; CAF1P150; CAF1P155; CAF1P155; CHAF1A; Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A; Chromatin Assembly Factor 1 Subunit A p150; Chromatin assembly factor I 150 kDa; Chromatin assembly factor I 150 kDa; Chromatin Assembly Factor I; Chromatin assembly factor I p150 subunit; DCAF1; hp150; Nucleosome Remodeling Factor 150kDa Subunit; NURF150; P150.
PropertiesFor facs or microscopy Alexa 1 conjugate.Very high photo stable ALEXA conjugate.If you buy Antibodies supplied by Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies. ALEXA FLUOR they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
ConjugationAlexa Fluor,ALEXA FLUOR 555
French translationanticorps