ALS2CR1/NIF3L1 Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555

Catalog numberbs-11649R-A555
NameALS2CR1/NIF3L1 Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555
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Long nameALS2CR1/NIF3L1 Polyclonal Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 555 Conjugated
Also known asAnti-ALS2CR1/N3L1 PAb ALEXA FLUOR 555
CategoryConjugated Primary Antibodies
Conjugated withALEXA FLUOR® 555
Host OrganismRabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Target AntigenALS2CR1/N3L1
SpecificityThis is a highly specific antibody against ALS2CR1/N3L1.
Modification SiteNone
ClonePolyclonal antibody
Concentration1ug per 1ul
SourceThis antibody was obtained by immunization of the host with KLH conjugated synthetic peptide derived from human ALS2CR1/NIF3L1
Tested applicationsIF(IHC-P)
Recommended dilutionsIF(IHC-P)(1:50-200)
CrossreactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
Cross-reactive species detailsDue to limited amount of testing and knowledge, not every possible cross-reactivity is known.
Background of the antigenThe NGG1 interacting factor 3-like 1 (NIF3L1) is a 377 amino acid protein expressed mainly in the cytoplasm of cells in several different tissues. It has been highly conserved throughout evolution, from bacteria to mammals. NIF3L participates in retinoic acid-primed neural differentiation of P19 embryonic carcinoma cells by cooperating with Trip15/CSN2, a transcriptional corepressor/component of COP9 signalosome. NIF3L1 interacts with itself and with the NIF3L1 binding protein 1 (NIF3L1 BP1), which is a novel protein presumed to contain a leucine zipper domain.
PurificationPurified by Protein A.
Storage conditionsStore this antibody in aqueous buffered solution containing 1% BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide. Keep refrigerated at 2 to 8 degrees Celcius for up to one year.
Excitation emission553nm/568nm
SynonymsALS2CR1; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2 juvenile chromosome region, candidate 1; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2 chromosomal region candidate gene 1 protein; CALS-7; MDS015; Ngg1 interacting factor 3-like 1; N3 Ngg1 interacting factor 3, S.pombe homolog-like 1; N3 NGG1 interacting factor 3-like 1 S. pombe; N3 NGG1 interacting factor 3-like 1; N3-like protein 1; N3L_HUMAN; N3L1.
PropertiesFor facs or microscopy Alexa 1 conjugate.Very high photo stable ALEXA conjugate.If you buy Antibodies supplied by Bioss Primary Conjugated Antibodies. ALEXA FLUOR they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
ConjugationAlexa Fluor,ALEXA FLUOR 555
French translationanticorps